Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Meet Zak Colbert

Charles and I walk into one of our watering holes (The Ports) and I show my poster to the barman and ask if I can put it up on the wall. The barman takes a look at the poster, there is a big photo of the singers-Miss Emily, Jamie Campbell, Doug Reansbury-and smaller headshots of James Wannamaker (sax), Duncan Holt (drums), Ken Hall (keys) and bass player Zak Colbert. The barman, Rick, smiles and says to me, “Little known fact – I used to play bass-and you know, everyone who found that out asked me exactly the same question, 'Oh, you play bass?! Do you know Zak Colbert?'”

Zak is a musician's musician. He has backed Georgette Fry, Ila Van, Sam Hopkins, and innumerable others. Zak was a founding member of Ghetto Express. He is a consummate player, accompanying any genre on his six string fretted bass. Fittingly, one of Colbert's favourite songs in this latest musical offering is Carole King and David Plamer (Steely Dan)'s 'Jazzman”.

Jazzman Colbert can be seen this Saturday, May 5 at 7:30pm performing “You've Got a Friend” at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church 130 Clergy St. E @ Princess. Parking is on Queen in the same block as the church. Tickets $25 for You've Got a Friend are available in advance at or at the door on the night of the show (cash only at the door).

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