Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Swordplay and Sweet Words – Cyrano is Sure to Please

Kingston, ON – Bottle Tree Productions' presentation of Cyrano is sure to please audiences of all ages. Three actors perform fourteen roles in this one-act play at The Baby Grand from Nov. 26-29.

Playwright Jo Roets has created a masterful adaptation of the classic Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmund Rostand. His play is accessible for all while remaining a pleasurable challenge for the actors. Leading man, Martin Fobert (Cyrano) says, “I love this script. Every time I go over it, I am seeing added meaning, and different ways that things can be done to lead the audience in one direction or another. It's a terrific piece of writing.”

Director Amie Bello says, “I see a Commedia dell'arte aspect to this piece which is exciting to bring out. While we are not using masks, per se, the actors have to portray many characters and situations, and the changes are all done right in front of the audience. It showcases the ability of these actors and it is very entertaining to watch.”

As well as strong writing and acting, the story is helped along by the use of live Foley sound – performed on stage as a feature of the show. Foley, also known as sound effects, is normally associated with movies or radio plays, but in this case it is creatively used to help the audience become completely immersed in the play. Hannah Smith (Roxanne) says, “I've always thought that being a Foley artist would be fun. This is great fun and the audience will love it. I am very busy with Foley and sometimes it's a challenge to keep up, which is exciting and also terrifying! ”

Justin Robertson, who has the most character changes of the three, says, “It is challenging to change from character to character. Sometimes, I have literally the amount of time that it takes to turn around to change from DeGuiche (the self-centered, cynical count) to Christian (the apple of Roxanne's eye). I am loving it.”

Producer Anne Marie Mortensen, notes that this show is excellent for everyone. “It is accessible and has lots of humour mixed with the pathos. Everyone will understand it. It is a bit like watching Bugs Bunny – young people understand it on a certain level, and adults understand it in a more sophisticated way - but everyone enjoys it.”

Cyrano runs November 26 through November 29 at the Baby Grand. Curtain is 7:30 nightly, with a 3:00 matinee on Saturday the 29th. Tickets may be purchased through the Grand Theatre Box Office. 613-530-2050 kingstongrand.ca

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