Saturday, November 22, 2014

Contemporary Monologues

Contemporary monologues can showcase the range of emotions in ways a teen or young adult can identify with. Bottle Tree Productions has a number of great contemporary monologues for young men and women which are suitable for auditioning with.

Ghost of the Tree has several monologues which are suitable for young women. Ghost of the Tree is a psychological and historical mystery that deals with seven generations of women going from a pregnant homeless teen back through history to the root cause of the family's tragedy.

Pretty Pieces is a powerful tale of madness, of a brother and sister trying to fit the pieces of their life together. Sometimes, closed doors should be left closed. Great monologues for young people

Demons of the Mind is the story of a young mother who descends into madness and kills her children. A terrifying story of possession. Talia Pura has constructed a dark fable for our modern times.

Tio's Blues is the story of a misfit romance that goes terribly wrong. Poetic and powerful; from the pen of Evan Guilford-Blake Tio's Blues takes you on a dark journey into tragedy.

AKA Jason by Marianne Miller is a funny story of a low-achieving young man on a break at a call centre. Wise and humorous, this play is a view from the bottom looking up in an outsourced business.

For great monologues for that next audition go to contemporary.monologues

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