Saturday, March 2, 2013

Pretty Pieces at the Screening Room

The Film Adaptation of Charles' play Pretty Pieces opens at The Screening Room on March 10th. Local film maker; Leigh Ann  Bellamy had acted in the play when Bottle Tree Productions produced it in Kingston, Toronto and Halifax. It is a play full of darkness. Pretty Pieces is about two people who could have had another life, a beautiful life, but their lives are shattered by something that happened to them in the past. Their past prevents them from getting on with their lives. They are broken. Like pretty pieces of broken glass. Interestingly enough; Zorba Dravillas, who starred opposite Leigh Ann in Charles' original production is starring is in another movie running along side Pretty Pieces, directed by Brent Nurse and filmed by Curtis Campsall called Funny Thing About Coffee.

Show times and dates are Sunday March 10th at 7 pm and Monday March 11th at 9 pm.

Pretty Pieces is having its world premiere in a night of three new short films by local film makes, 
'All three movies take you on a dark journey through the minds of their characters, leaving you never knowing where things will end up. The third, "The Collider”, is a sci-fi thriller looking at what happens when the Collider is turned on and a tragic accident happens. What follows is a harrowing journey of one man’s survival.' Screening Room.
Bellamy; who stars in the film, has starred as Juliet in Charles' production in the park of Romeo and Juliet and Ophelia in his production of Hamlet at the Wellington Street Theatre.
Zorba Dravillas; who stars in Funny Thing About Coffee, has appeared in a number of plays directed by Charles. Zorba is a very talented actor.

Kingston seems to have a very active independent movie scene. With cameras being affordable now and editing suites falling in price, alongside Kingston's very vibrant theatre scene, you have the makings of a burgeoning creative hub for indy films.

For more information about these three films and what is happening at The Screening Room please go to The Screening Room

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