Thursday, March 7, 2013

April 6th/2013 Kingston Acting Classes

Bottle Tree's Acting Classes start up again at St Andrews Presbyterian Church in downtown Kingston at 130 Clergy St East on April 6th for kids and teens. 6-10 year-olds can enroll in the 9:30-10:30 am class. 11-12 year olds can enroll in the 10:30-12 noon class. And teens from 13 up can enroll in the 1-2:30 class. Adult classes will occur Wednesday evenings from 7-8:30 pm.

Bottle Tree Productions Musical Theatre Class Show

Our classes involve warm-ups, improv and scenes or original scripts. Anne Marie Mortensen is a registered Educator in the Arts with the Ontario Arts Council. Charles Robertson has been involved in all facets of theatre for many years.

Our classes are a safe place for kids to learn drama, to develop self-confidence, to learn to speak clearly and effectively, to develop the potential within.

Each child or adult that wants to get better will get better.

When we do our major productions such as Sound of Music, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and others that we are involved with like Fiddler on the Roof and Oliver!, we like to take actors that have worked with us previously and that includes giving special consideration to the kids, teens and adults that have taken our acting classes.

When we do one of our major productions we stress that importance of the team. Theatre is a collaborative effort and everyone has to be pulling in the same direction in order for the production to work. We stress the team atmosphere, the family atmosphere in our classes.

Our classes are also a great way for like-minded people to get together and share common interests.  Parents of kids in our acting classes often say that finally, here is a place where other kids 'get their kids'. They all understand each other and where they're coming from. It is a place where kids can finally be themselves.

We make sure that our acting classes are bully-free.

For further information about our Acting Classes please go to April 6th Acting Classes

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