Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sleeping Beauty in Kingston Ontario

At The Wellington Street Theatre Dec 15-18 Wed-Sat at 7 pm and Sunday matinee Dec 19 at 2 pm

Buckets of fun for the whole family! In the story of Jack's mistake or as the history books call it; Sleeping Beauty, a palace sweeper by the name of Jack relates the story of how he was demoted from King's Messenger to a lowly palace sweeper. It seems that all by himself, he managed to get the king's palace shut down for over one hundred years.

Sleeping Beauty pink rose
And the princess? Sleeping Beauty is a rebellious teen who doesn't like being kept shut up in the palace. The plot thickens when an evil fairy arrives in disguise with a spinning wheel.

Written by Charles Robertson with music and lyrics by Michael K Myers, this show has lots of music, magic and fun for the whole family.

Tickets are only ten dollars!

Purchase tickets here at Bottle Tree Productions

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