Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Girl Who Played With Fire

In the sequel to Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Mikael Blumquist(Michael Nvquist) is being released from jail, and Lisbeth Salander(Noomi Rapace) is being hunted by the police for three murders attributed to her. This is a good movie, lots of action, but alas, things are only superficially dealt with this time.

In this film, Salander is beaten up, shot several times and buried in a grave, but like the Crow, the grave cannot keep her, and the earth spits this avenging angel back out.

A young reporter investigating government complicity in human trafficking is murdered along with his girlfriend. The young man has been working for Millenium and so Michael Blumquist follows up with his own investigation.

We find out more about Lisbeth's horrible background and that has a direct impact on where the film goes. You can't hide from your past and it catches up to her in some awful ways.

Blumquist, in trying to prove her innocence, finds that his investigation into human trafficking and Salander's troubles with the law have merged onto the same path.

But like most great films, sequelitis sets in and the villains get bigger and more unreal. Think Rocky in Russia.

Fire is a recurring theme in this film. While Lisbeth tried to burn her demons, there is another, almost Frankenstein scene where the soul-less demon tries to burn her friends.

Overall, a good movie that lacks the depth of the first one.

Rating ***

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