Monday, November 29, 2010

Ghost of the Tree

Video Trailer for Ghost of the Tree

A One Act Play For Women

Ghost of the Tree is a one act play for one to seven actors, and a musician. With a simple set, consisting of a chair and a simplistic representation of a tree, this play is easy to transport. It is an ideal play for fringe festivals and other drama festivals. The play follows the lives of seven generations of women in the same family tree. It catches each woman's life as she contemplates her unborn child and the mother that bore her. The play moves inexorably back in time as the audience is taken on a journey of discovery. Each woman's life has been shaped by the women that came before, and as the years melt away, we discover the tragedy that hangs over this particular family.

United by blood, but separated by generations, the women can only tell their story in pieces and it is the audience that gets to put the pieces of this family mystery together, it is the audience that gets to put the story together.

A poignant tale of a doomed family line.

"Ingenious" David Prosser; Stratford Festival

"In 35 tears I have never seens anything like it" John Van Burek; Pleiades Theatre.

To purchase a script for ten dollars go to Bottle Tree Productions/Ghost of the Tree

For a free monologue from the play go to Bottle Tree Productions/monologues for teens

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