Monday, September 14, 2009


Using the resourcs of Bottle Tree Productions and The Wellington Street Theatre, we have been filming a horror film with spiritual overtones. There has been lots of blood and screams and as befits any horror film, stupid decisions by the characters. We have a young talented cast who for the most part have theatre backgrounds. There are deaths and maimings, and creepy spirits. Once the kids go into the basement though they have been warned by everyone not to,the mayhem begins. David Ajax and Adam Elliot have been our camera operators. We think the religious take on good and evil gives the film its darkness and light. Our editors James Robertson and Anne Marie Mortensen have been hard at work editing a trailer. Tom Sinclair is composing music. The release date should be some time next year around Hallowe'en. What we need for our film is a name. Anyone out there witha good name for a our horror film, please mail us at info (at)bottletreeinc dot com.

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