Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cruising on the high seas

Anne Marie and I were getting ready for a rehearsal of our Performance Plus class version of Puss In Boots. The kids are aged from 11-17. Very motivated. A young woman named Courtney Cook dropped by. She had worked backstage with us a few years ago before she headed off to Sheridan College. She was now the Production manager for Cunnard lines; a cruise ship company. She graciously agreed to talk to the class, about life for performers on a cruise ship. Starting salaries work out to about 1700 to 2000 dollars a month but you don't have to pay for accomodations or food. Cruise lines seek triple threat performers which of course means, dancing, singing and acting. Actors are hired for things like mcing events and anything that requires talking to crowds of people about either performances or narrating the sights that passengers are seeing. It is a good chance to see the world when you are young, when you are unencumbered by marriage and jobs. Sheridan College is a good recruiting zone for cruise lines because of their very strong triple threat program. One thing Courtny emphasized is that there tends to be a three strike rule in show biz. Miss or be late for rehearsals three times and you're gone. Show up on drugs or alcohol once and you're history. Another interesting point she brought up was that a lot of jobs in theatre were had by being in the right place at the right time, by having your number on someone's cellphone. People tend to call the people that they know so networking was very important. She impressed on the kids that it was hard work but very rewarding. She told the kids to look at one another because those were going to be people who would remember them from this class and this show and they were the people that would be able to help them out if an opportunity arose for a job in the performing arts. You can check for Cruise Line jobs on the appropriate company's websites.


julesverne said...

Really interesting comments from Courtney. That's great she came by the rehearsal. I agree working on a cruise ship for a few years while young would be a great gig.

Maybe parents could then get discounts on cruises!

The BTP website is getting better all the time. Love the picture of Allyson!

julesverne said...

By the way the last comment was from Gill (I'm not sure why my name shows up as Julesverne, that's Julia's username).