Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bottle Tree Productions One Act Play Competition for Writers

Bottle Tree Productions announces its 2011 Third Annual International One Act Play Writing Competition. The winners of the first competition were Evan Guilford-Blake with 'American Blues', Talia Pura with 'Demons in the Mind' and Richard Rossi with 'Sister Aimee'.

The winners of the 2010 contest will be announced on January 31st.

So test your writing skills against the world.

There will be a first prize awarded of $1,000

Second prize of $250

Third prize of $100

The contest is open January 1st 2011. It closes November 30th 2011.


Hard copy Scripts need to be bound and should be mailed to Bottle Tree Productions at 445 Southwood Drive, Kingston Ontario. K7M  5P8

A manuscript-sized SASE should be attached if the script needs to be returned

There is a twenty-five dollar entry fee.

A twenty-five dollar cheque should be enclosed with any hard copy submissions and made payable to Bottle Tree Productions.

No entry will be considered until the entry fee has been paid.

You may enter as many scripts as you like but there is a twenty-five dollar fee for each entry.

The winners will be announced in January of 2012.

If you would like critical input about your play, please submit a $50 cheque made payable to Bottle Tree Productions, along with a manuscript-sized SASE.

The playwright’s name and other contact information should be included on the title page.

Please number your script pages.

For email submissions and PAYPAL deposits of the twenty-five dollar entry fee

go to the bottletree contest page

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