Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Fall Acting Classes, PLUS Musical Theatre (Dancing and Singing), and Technical Theatre!

It's that time again--FALL-- and a new term of acting training for Kingston children and youth.

We are always considering what is needed in the community for training young people to become confident contributors to theatre and we have developed three new courses to help round-out our offering to the next generation of artists and practitioners.

Young actors rehearsing.
Singing for Musical Theatre takes a group approach to vocal class and is intended for a chorus of girls and boys with unbroken voices. We take ages 9-16 (boys likely a younger top end). Our Music Director, Darrell Bryan, teaches correct, safe vocal technique to improve the voice and to keep it healthy for life. Terrific class for  young people to gain confidence through correct technique and practise. Pitch-matching is important to this course, as it is a group endeavour. We retain the option to excuse students who are not able to match tones ("I will play this note, and you sing it back to me.") and will offer an appropriate refund or the option to transfer to a different class.  *If you would like us to test for pitch-matching before you enrol, please email and we can set up a time to get together.

Dancing for Musical Theatre trains those who may not necessarily have a dance background, but find that they need something to help with musical theatre auditions and performances. This class will boost confidence and understanding of dance terminology, and give your young thespian practise in dancing.

Technical Theatre is an upper-year course, training youth in the non-performance aspects of theatrical productions. Students will learn basic to intermediate costuming, lighting, sound, set and props design and creation, including safe use of tools and equipment. They will have access to and training on sound and lighting boards, hand tools, sewing machines, and video and sound recording and editing equipment.  There is also a stage management aspect to the course, as we take the class through managing a production from the ground up. The course covers three terms, and is paid in three installments. Once completed, the students will have an intermediate knowledge of the practical aspects of costuming, lighting, sound, set and props design and of stage management techniques. They will have been exposed to theoretical aspects of design, they will be able to put their ideas on paper, and they will be given the opportunity to execute their designs. This course is for middle to high school students (grade 8-12).

All of our courses culminate in term performances (every ten weeks). Actors need audiences!

Classes start Saturday Sept 23. Our class performances are on Saturday Dec. 2 at the Grand Theatre in the Baby Grand.  Winter Term begins after the Winter Break.

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