Friday, October 23, 2015

Greater Tuna - A Comedy

"Two actors, twenty characters, and a barrell of laughs!"
by: Jaston Williams, Joe Sears, Ed Howard

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Mike Bullett
Sean Roberts

Directed by:

Amie Bello

Come to the Baby Grand and set a spell with the good folks from Tuna, Texas. If you like Stuart McLean's Vinyl Cafe, Don Harron's Charlie Farquharson, and the good folks from HEE HAW, you will enjoy this irreverantly funny take on life in Tuna,  Texas' third-smallest town.

Join Arles Struive, and Thurston Wheelis at radio station OKKK as they discuss current events, including the top essays from The Tuna Junior High American Heritage Essay Contest, entitled "Human Rights, Why Bother?", "Living With Radiation" and "The Other Side of Bigotry".  Then, head on over to Bertha Bumiller's kitchen as Charlene, Stanely, and Jody talk about weight management, dogs,  and text book censorship over breakfast. Down to the Humane Society, Petey Fisk is trying to  save  Yippy's life, but the already over-burdened Bumiller's household can't handle another canine. Phinas Blye and Leonard Childers hit the airwaves with "This Week in Tuna". Stanley adds his two cents to the show to suggest taxing the stupid, and over at the Burras' home, Pearl has a solution to the dog overpopulation problem, but gets into trouble with her bitter pill.

And folks, that just some of Act One.

Sean Roberts and Mike Bullet are the hardest-working actors in show business as they bring you all of the characters of Tuna Texas in two acts. Quick costume and character changes make this a fun and challenging show for actors--not to mention the stage dressers who have to get these two changed in seconds flat! Come and set a spell, grab a cool beverage and enjoy the wit and wisdom of Tuna, Texas!

Performing in the Baby Grand Theatre, within the Grand Theatre.

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