Friday, March 20, 2015

Come to the Cabaret - A Musical Theatre Buffet!

For many music lovers, a night out on the town means straining to hear the music over the din of fellow customers-or deciding to avoid the bar scene for fear that the music will be painfully loud. Attending a theatre concert can seem too formal; not as enjoyable as being able to sit at a table and enjoy a glass of wine and some excellent music. 

Celebrate, music lovers! We offer you the best of Broadway music, old and new, in a relaxed environment. Book a table with friends, sit in a comfortable chair, and share the evening and a glass of your beverage of preference with us at the Baby Grand.

Cabaret is an old idea, think of the Moulin Rouge-Eith Piaf singing, artists and intellectuals gathering, drinking in the smoke-filled atmosphere along with a glass of Absinthe. We put a new spin on it by bringing familiar hits from Broadway musicals and mixing in key songs from rising shows that will become musical theatre canon. 

We offer you everything but the smoke over four nights at the Baby Grand. Come out for a buffet of great songs from your old favourites and discover some new favourites along the way.

Divas, Duets, and Quartets
@ The Baby Grand
March 25, 26, 27, 28 at 7:30pm
tickets $25.00 (+hst and box office fees)

Music Director: Darrell Bryan
Starring: Alex Whitehead
Andrew Stewart
Hannah Smith
Isabella Cusano
Shawn Barber

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