Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Acting Classes 2013

Fresh from our wonderful musical theatre class production of The Little Mermaid our Acting Classes start on Saturday April 6th. We have classes for 6-10 year olds where the kids get the basics in acting, including improv, theatre games and basic technique. Our acting classes focus on developing self-confidence. Self confidence is an important tool for acting. Acting can help shy kids develop socially and performance-wise. We write a script for the kids which involves every child in the class equally. The parts are specially written for the ability and personality of the kids.

We have classes for 11-12 year olds which helps to further develop a child's talent. This is a safe environment for these kids to learn their craft as their class mates are a ready-made and supportive audience for each other. The play that is written for them is a more sophisticated piece written in collaboration with the kids.

Our class for teens is a far more technically demanding class where vocal and physical technique is emphasized. The teens may work on well-known scripts or on a play that they themselves have helped create. Socially theatre is a wonderful experience for teens, a place where they can express themselves. Here, teens get to meet other teens who share the same interests.

We provide a child with the ability to have fun in the performing arts, or if they are interested, we can offer professional advice about the things required to make the performing arts a career.

Anne Marie Mortensen works for the Ontario Arts Council as an educator in the schools. Anne Marie recently directed Fiddler on the Roof for the Meistersingers and The Little Mermaid for Bottle Tree Productions. Charles Robertson has written four award-winning plays and his plays have been produced in Canada, the United States and Australia. Charles recently directed The Sound of Music for Bottle Tree Productions.

To register for acting classes please go to Spring acting classes-2013

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