Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Killer Inside Me

Casey Affleck is a nice guy deputy who meets a prostitue played
by Jessica Alba that doesn't follow the rules and she drags him
into hell. She manages to pull a trigger that is hidden deep inside him and he switches from abiding law officer to homicidal maniac.

Because it is a first-person narrative, it is a disturbing foray
into a diseased mind.

Casey Affleck wears a flat and ineffectual mask that covers a
sociopath inside. Most of the acting is very good but Jessica Alba
is weak and unbelievable as the prostitute. Kate Hudson as Affleck's girlfriend is very good.

Jim Thompson wrote the novel in the fifties.

For those of us in Ontario that had to put up with the Russell
Williams saga, it rings a bell of truth.

Not a great film, with two glaring editing errors but a good
independent effort.

Simon Baker from Austrailia as the investigator was great and so
was Elias Koteas from Montreal as the union brother who knows
what is going on inside Casey Affleck's character.

A good film to cosy up to with criminal minds on a lost weekend.

It is disturbing because it drags you into the role of the
narrator; the killer

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