Thursday, January 29, 2009

New! 2009 Season, our Site and ... stuff, yeah.

So since Snowdrops for Katya, we've been busy - there was that holiday thing or two in there before January- and Charles and I both survived.

Our 2009 Season has been announced and we've been sending order forms out by email. This year, because of the economy, we are giving people a wider choice of season tickets. We developed a family ticket, so that if you are only interested in seeing the musical fairy tales Puss in Boots, Little Red Riding Hood, and Aladdin, you can buy a $20.oo ticket and basically get one show for free (for adults buying this tickets, it's an even better deal, working out to one and a half free shows!).

Miss Julie, A Midsummer Night's Dream, and Cole's Notes are on the Three For Me ticket for $45.00 (yep, one show for free!). And we still offer the full pass with all six shows for $60.00 and $65.00.

Drama classes are going strong, we have three great groups every Saturday and Mark and Hannah are fabulous teaching the Stage Right classes. The kids love them.

Also on the update front, I have changed the home page of the website last weekend and just now checked it in IE... blarg. It doesn't show properly in IE, but it looks great in Firefox at a 600 x 800 px resolution! ;) *hint* Aaanywayyy when I get a moment I will fix that problem, but for now, IE users, please enjoy the Adsense universe that is the Bottle Tree Productions' homepage.

Also also, I've created a 3D rendering of the stage in Google Sketchup. So, if you want to install some nifty FREE software, you can download the CAD drawing to open in Sketchup from Wellington Street Theatre. This excites me very much! Imagine, you can now develop your set accurately and see it from all angles BEFORE you buy any lumber or make any cuts.

Theatre bookings for The Wellington are going strong and the next month is getting fabulously busy. February kicks off with The Vagina Monologues (Feb 5, 6, 7) then Miss Julie (Feb 18 - Mar 7). In March, SHOUT is offering the play Anne Frank, then in April we have Puss in Boots!

Check the next post to find out how to win some FREE THEATRE TICKETS!

..It's time to make the doughnuts...


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